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N-Stac is a patent-pending NAD boost supplement that provides dual action support at any age. High-profile research shows compelling evidence that increasing NAD levels can play a vital role in protecting and healing the body at the cellular level. But as we age, NAD levels naturally reduce due in part to the cellular glycoprotein, CD38, creating a barrier to NAD bio-availability. N-Stac is a synergistic breakthrough formulation, combining the purest form of NMN with potent flavonoids clinically proven to limit this CD38 barrier, therefore delivering a more potent, reliable, and available NAD boost.

N-Stac—dual action supplement

What started as groundbreaking research by genetics researcher Dr. David Sinclair has now morphed into a myriad research channels discovering ways NAD enhancement is vital to our needs. From the standpoint of longevity and anti-aging, NMN is now a focus of immense global interest .

Cutting-edge research shows that along with exercise and calorie restriction NAD boost can also be achieved by supplementation of precursors like NMN. Yet, it also suggests there are more effective ways to achieve this goal. N-Stac combines supplementation of NAD with an inhibitor of glycoprotein CB38—the chief culprit in the gradual reduction of NAD availability as we age. It is this twofold action of supplementation and inhibition that sets N-Stac apart. It has been recommended by the scientific community that combining NAD boosting strategies may be more effective at increasing NAD bioavailability than focusing on a single strategy alone, especially as it relates to metabolic diseases like diabetes.

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