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Who is Mediwel?

We’ve all heard the saying “food is medicine” which dates back to Hippocrates. Cutting-edge clinical studies have proven this statement to be truer than ever, especially as it relates to supplements and nutritionals. At Mediwel, our team of biochemists and health care professionals make it our mission to find naturally occurring compounds for safe-to-use nutritionals and supplements that can make a difference to your brain and central nervous system’s health. For us, the peak potential of each individual starts with the brain, and its conduits. We apply cutting-edge neuroscience to the development of supplement formulations that can aid in performance and long-term health of your brain. We care for our products with in-house R&D, precision manufacturing, and guarantee the purity and potency of the supplements that we produce as well as the quality of ingredients sourced to make our supplements. We aim to produce the highest grade of supplements possible to work as medicine for your body.

Our products

We set our standards based on that of the biopharmaceutical industry in the production of pharmaceutical-grade of supplements; we require the highest level of purity, without the use of fillers, binders and excipients--all allowed under the current FDA rules for supplements, but not in our products. We make sure that our products excel in purity and bioavailability, doing what is intended when it is intended and nothing else. When your goal is optimal brain health and wellness, the quality of supplements matter. It’s not just how much of a vital nutrient you put into your body, it’s also about how much of it works as intended--especially as it relates to a supplement’s absorption, tissue distribution and metabolism. This standard leads our work at every level at Mediwel.

Why all the emphasis on Bioavailability?

Research has shown that the body’s complex metabolic processes tends to favor certain forms of ingredients over others. Many brands may promote absorption as key to success in making a supplement more bioavailable. It isn’t that simple. Bioavailability may start with good absorption, but it also involves optimizing the biochemical transport pathways and transformational synthesis that lead to metabolic utility for the compounds to have any use, which is especially challenging when dealing with an organ like the brain. We formulate our supplements expressly to work with your body’s natural tendencies to yield a difference in your health and wellbeing.

Why Brain Supplements?

There is a plethora of new supplements on the market which offer all-natural or science-based claims of efficacy, sometimes featuring new or reengineered active ingredients. Making sense of it can be a challenge for consumers, determining which if any of these supplements are offering a benefit that suits you and your lifestyle . Because so many supplements claim to offer the benefits to work complementary to what conventional health says will promote health--as long as we are expected to eat healthy, exercise and follow the regiments that can aid measurably towards better health metrics--like Triglycerides and Cholesterol levels--we don’t need medical journals to inform us that there is little benefit in trading the wellbeing of your brain and CNS for just the health of your heart, especially as it relates to longevity and quality of life. Few of us really need a medical journal to tell us that our brains are complex, or to demystify the basics of keeping healthy as we age: eat right, exercise, and practice good sleep habits. But we do need to learn more about the brain during aging, and that’s why recent leading-edge scientific research is so exciting, and where Mediwel’s supplements can be so valuable. Keeping our brains’ dynamic functions well-maintained is vital to the maintenance of the whole individual.