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N-Stac is a patent-pending NAD boost supplement that provides dual action support at any age. High-profile research catalyzed by the work of genetics scientist Dr. David Sinclair indicates how NAD enhancement can be vital to nearly all facets of our well-being. The research on NMN shows that NAD boost can be achieved by supplementation of precursors like NMN, yet, it now also suggests there are even more effective ways to achieve this. Enter N-Stac, developed to combine the potency of NMN as a NAD precursor with proven flavonoid inhibitors of glycoprotein CD38—the chief culprit in the gradual reduction of NAD availability as we age. It is this two-fold action of supplementation and inhibition that sets N-Stac apart. N-Stac minimizes the NAD reducing effects of CD38 while increasing levels of NMN bioavailability resulting in a significant boost to your NAD reserves. A greater NAD boost means more cellular energy to enhance your natural powers of self-maintenance and wellbeing. At Mediwel, we partner with research organizations to formulate safe and effective supplements that can make a difference in the fight against the deleterious effects of aging. We stand by the purity and safety of our supplements and offer an unconditional refund if not completely satisfied with the purchase.